Haldun Akoglu, MD., Prof.

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Haldun Akoglu
Medical Doctor, MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Faculty
    Marmara U
  • Co-Founder
    Akamedika™ Inc.
  • Co-Founder
  • Exec. Officer
  • Committee Member
  • Stats Editor
  • Education 3.0, Curriculum Development, E-learning
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • MedEd & StatsEd for Pharma
  • Medical Content Creation for Pharma
  • Research Planning & Methodology


Statistical Analysis

The best outcomes are only possible if you can communicate what you need to your analyst. A statistical analyst with a clinical background is a must for high-quality and accurate outputs. Besides, high-quality, eye-catching graphics and tables are a must to increase your chance of publication. 

Research Planning and Design

Design and planning are the most crucial steps of a research that most researchers ignore. This is the most important point that makes the difference between a high-quality work and an unpublished draft. A well-documented, extensively thought study project will help you to conduct high-quality research. 

Article Writing and Journalology

"How was it published in this magazine?" How many times did you scream that sentence? The editorial expectations are different than the ones you follow. There are publication guidelines that you should follow and unwritten codes that you should avoid. Good and flawless writing increases the publication chance of a decent research.  

Medical Content Management

I experienced the pleasure of working in Pfizer as a Medical Manager at Urology and Oncology departments (2008-2011), where I learned Reg. Affairs, MDs, QMS, pharmacovigilance, preparation and localization of training materials. All those experience and the academic career onwards extended my abilities in medical content creation with dozens of successful projects. 

Medical Translation

The freelance medical translation was the first job I was paid for when I was in medical school in the '90s. Since then, I translated more than 10 million words of everything medical from English to Turkish and completed hundreds of projects for my clients with millions of words as a freelance translator-proofreader. 

Educational Content Development

Acilci.Net is the most precious outcome of my academic life, which represents the highest point I have reached in educational content development. With more than 1.5K articles, 60+ authors and 10 million readers, it is the biggest and most-read non-English medical website in the World.