Haldun Akoglu, MD., Prof.

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Haldun Akoglu
Medical Doctor, MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Faculty
    Marmara U
  • Co-Founder
    Akamedika™ Inc.
  • Co-Founder
  • Exec. Officer
  • Committee Member
  • Stats Editor
  • Education 3.0, Curriculum Development, E-learning
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • MedEd & StatsEd for Pharma
  • Medical Content Creation for Pharma
  • Research Planning & Methodology

Current Affiliations

Past Affiliations

  • Marmara University School of Medicine
    • Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director
    • Hospital R&D Director
    • Hospital Clinical Trials Site Coordinator
  • Pfizer Inc., Medical Manager 
    • Oncology
    • Urology
    • Rheumatology

Professional Work

  • Medical Training: Face-to-face or online medical sales, marketing and management team orientations and courses on specific or general medical topics such as acute medicine, cardiology, or oncology for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 
  • Academic Development Education and Courses: Face-to-face or online academic development courses and trainings for medical professionals and pharmaceutical teams
    • Applied Basic Statistics (2 days)
    • Applied Advanced Statistics (2 days)
    • Applied Research Design and Planning (2 days)
    • Applied Article Writing (1 day)
    • Applied Evidence-Based Medicine and Article Reading (1 day)
    • Applied Critical Appraisal (1 day)
    • Applied Systematic Literature Review (1 day)
    • Graphic and Table preparation (1 day)
    • Preparing Poster and Oral Presentations (Half Day)
    • Meta-analysis: Design, Planning and Software (2 days)
    • Presentation Design (1 day)
  • Translation and/or Content Creation   
    • Pharmaceutical Medical Management Resources
      • Training kits for sales, marketing and medical teams 
      • Medical information and presentation kits
      • Detail aids and approval files
  • Medical Translation
    • Clinical Trial Documents for CROs
      • Forms: ICFs, CRFs, FDFs, IMVs, AE and SAE files
      • Published clinical trials, reviews
      • Grant projects
      • Clinical trial protocols
    • Technical Pharmaceutical Documents
      • Registration dossiers
      • Drug Safety Reports
      • Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)
      • Patient information leaflets (PILs)
      • Standard operational procedures (SOPs)
      • User manuals for a pharmaceutical lab. & medical equipment
      • Interfaces for pharmaceutical software
      • Marketing brochures
      • Packaging and labels

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